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we are tremonia - series - street photography by björn maletz

tremonia, an old latin name for dortmund, is the largest city of the ruhr area.

the german photographer björn maletz shot the normal street life with its
special moments and the weekday stars of his hometown dortmund.
all pictures were taken between 2009 and 2012 and now splitted in the categories:
singles, political, culture, encounters, football, curious and pairs.

Here you find a set with his favorite shots.

news - Dies ist der Artikel in der Westfälischen Rundschau vom 02. August 2012,
vielen Dank an Frau Maike Rellecke. Für eine größere Ansicht bitte anklicken.


news - This is Theodor Houben on my third special encounter at the 44309 street/art gallery. My photo of him from 2010 is a part of my exhibition. Here is the shot of today, 29.07.2012.


news - I've had the second special encounter. Roman D. Metzner und Aaron Perry von "The Royal Squeeze Box" ( have visited me with their instrument and voice and played songs of Queen. Here is the shot of today, 26.07.2012.


news - Today at the gallery i've had a special encounter. Ariane and Christian had heard from friends, that they can be seen on a photo in my exhibition. Now they have visited me and are impressed from the picture. Here is the shot of today, 12.07.2012.


news - "we are tremonia" exhibition
here you find pictures from the vernissage:
news - "we are tremonia" exhibition
from 07. july to 10. august 2012
at 44309 street/art gallery in dortmund

please visit the facebook event:

more about the exhibition, the gallery and the artist:
(only in german available)
44309 street/art gallery
news - the first book "we are tremonia"
is now available on

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Von Björn Maletz
news - please have a look
at the photo show "we are tremonia"